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Linda's success story

“Because of our large family, with a few fussy eaters, I didn’t adjust our dinners. Luckily that’s no problem since you can compose your own dinner by using the right BodieBoost ‘families’. Simply because of the reason that I can continue to eat ‘normally’ when following BodieBoost, it is an excellent solution for me – besides having lost 70 pounds in 7 months!”

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Why BodieBoost?

  • 1

    Treats & drinks

    You can have treats and drinks every week, so it's easier to
    not fall back into old and unhealthy eating patterns.

  • 2


    We created Food Groups to help you choose your foods. You
    can even substitute foods in the same Food Group.

  • 3

    Realistic and achievable

    It is proven that BodieBoost is easier to keep up with than any other diet. You don’t need to count calories.

  • 4


    The ingredients in our recipes are easily available and affordable at local
    supermarket/grocery stores.

  • 5

    No yo-yo effect

    Your body won’t end up in starvation mode and, therefore, there won’t be any yo-yo effect on your body weight. On average, you will lose 1 to 2 pounds per week and 0.2 to 0.4 inches body fat.

  • 6

    Easy to integrate in real life

    You can continue to go out for dinner, parties and holidays. You can still eat together with your family without sacrificing.

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BodieBoost is a proven to be successful weight loss method, without the hassle and with lots of freedom of choice. It’s easy to follow in daily life, throughThe BodieBoost 12-Week Weight Loss Program and the app. For extra support you will get expert guidance from our BodieBoost Coaches.


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In 10 weeks, I’ve lost 10 pounds. What a gift! There are a lot of food choices which makes the weight loss method easy to keep up with everyday. It’s great that they have many inspirational recipes, too. The dinner ideas are amazing!
Heleen (-4,5 kg)
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before and after pictures. You can also track how much water you drink in a day. With the BodieBoost app you can check your weight loss journey 24/7.

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