• Lose weight without sacrificing wine and candy

Yes, you read correctly. We were also desperate to lose weight. We felt like everyone could lose weight but us. We had tried everything under the sun. It took us 3 years to develop this system.

You have tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING worked. So you’ve GIVEN UP on ever feeling good about your body. Don’t worry. We were there. We understand how you feel. That’s why we spent 5 YEARS creating this system.

We interviewed women from our BodieBoost community around the world. This is what they LOVE about our system:

  • They DON’T feel guilty thinking about food every day
  • They DON’T let the scale control their lives
  • They DON’T count calories
  • They DON’T get let down by failing internet celeb diets


  • They DO occasionally indulge in some wine and chocolate without the guilt
  • They DO eating with their friends and families without the worry
  • They DO enjoy the benefits of a balanced, healthy lifestyle

We believed that there had to be a BETTER way to reach a healthy weight, and KEEP it. We were RIGHT!

We know what you’re looking for. You want to see change. You want to someone to help you get there. You want someone to show you the right tools and the right strategy. And you don’t want it to take forever.

We felt the same way.

So for over 5 years we worked with health experts to create our internationally successful 12 Week Weight-Loss Program. We’ll guide you for 12 weeks, be with you all the way, through the step-by-step system to get you to your healthy weight, and make sure you stay there and don’t fall back into your old patterns. Guaranteed.

Why do we want this for you? Because you DESERVE to enjoy the feeling of calm that comes with a healthy, stable weight and the guiltless pleasure of enjoying the foods you like.

Hello future ladies of BodieBoost,
I’m Charlotte, the founder of the BodieBoost Weight-Loss Method. You’re reading this because you are most likely where I was 5 years ago. I was stuck in the vicious diet-circle. The scale controlled my life. I tried to eat as healthy as possible with as little calories as possible... This often resulted in binge-eatings. I truly was stuck in a very negative vicious circle. Aaargh, at those moments it really felt like there was no solution.
The change occurred when I found out the BodieBoost weight loss formula in 2012. For lots of other women in The Netherlands and Belgium and me, this meant weight loss without the fuss and with a lot of food choices.
At the moment I'm at a stable weight for over five years already and developed with Carlijn this online program for you. Carlijn is BodieBoost Coach and is specialized in nutrition and hormones. She has extensive knowledge and over five years of experience in coaching women to a healthy weight.
Yours in Health - Charlotte Founder of BodieBoost
“We discovered the secret to weight loss and found a way to make it work for everyone!” – Charlotte, Founder of BodieBoost

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  • Candy and wine allowed
  • No food tracking required
  • Personal coach and supportive community
  • Guaranteed lasting results or get your money back
  • Proven to be the most simple, effective and affordable diet
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  • Yvon (-44 pounds)
    “The best thing about BodieBoost is that anybody can do it! My husband and kids joined me from the beginning, including the first ten weeks when I followed the weekly menus. My kids got to try new foods that they now love! They gave me compliments like; ‘Mama, your cooking is delicious! You are the best!”
  • Danielle (-52 pounds)
    “I love the fact that you can choose what you want to eat. This way, you don’t feel like you are on a diet, but just eating healthy and normal!”
  • Marije (-35 pounds)
    "Ik merk dat ik veel intenser kan genieten van lekker eten en het veel meer waardeer. Ik ben blij dat ik door BodieBoost de weg heb gevonden naar een gezond lichaam!"
  • Elianne (-44 pounds)
    “I read about BodieBoost in a magazine. It sounded simple: eat normal while still enjoying wine & dessert sometimes. I ordered the books immediately. I’ve used the BodieBoost weight loss method for a year now and have reached my weight loss goal of 44 pounds.”
  • Marjanne (-11 pounds)
    “Because of BodieBoost, my perspective on a healthy diet changed. Also my perspective on how to apply a healthy diet to my daily life changed. When I think back to where I came from, I am proud of myself.”
  • Dione (-16 pounds)
    “BodieBoost works and is so easy to follow in my daily life. The method is simple and I love that! Also, I can look forward to what I’ll eat the next day. I enjoy food so much more now.”

Get access to these 12 modules

  • 1
    The BodieBoost weight loss method
  • 2
    The 12 BodieBoost-rules for weight loss success
  • 3
    Your daily BodieBoost reminders
  • 4
    Setting a realistic goal together
  • 5
    This keeps you motivated
  • 6
    Creating healthy habits that stick: the trick to it
  • 7
    The eyeopener
  • 8
    Getting aware of your negative thoughts
  • 9
    Positive thinking is something you can learn
  • 10
    Stop binge eating
  • 11
    What to do when you have a relapse
  • 12
    The magic weight loss trick

Why BodieBoost?

  • 1

    Treats & drinks

    You can have treats and drinks every week, so it's easier to
    not fall back into old and unhealthy eating patterns.

  • 2


    We created Food Groups to help you choose your foods. You
    can even substitute foods in the same Food Group.

  • 3

    Realistic and achievable

    It is proven that BodieBoost is easier to keep up with than any other diet. You don’t need to count calories.

  • 4


    The ingredients in our recipes are easily available and affordable at local
    supermarket/grocery stores.

  • 5

    No yo-yo effect

    Your body won’t end up in starvation mode and, therefore, there won’t be any yo-yo effect on your body weight. On average, you will lose 1 to 2 pounds per week and 0.2 to 0.4 inches body fat.

  • 6

    Easy to integrate in real life

    You can continue to go out for dinner, parties and holidays. You can still eat together with your family without sacrificing.

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  • Basic
    £ 87
    • 12 week menus with over 150 new recipes
    • Grocery lists
    • 12 new BodieBoost weight loss modules
    • Weekly unique inspiration and motivational updates in your inbox
    • Get 12 weeks unlimited personal guidance and support anytime and anywhere
    • 12 weeks acces to your BodieBoost account
  • Premium
    £ 113
    • 12 week menus with over 150 new recipes
    • Grocery lists
    • 12 new BodieBoost weight loss modules
    • Lose 1 to 2 pounds per week and 0.2 to 0.4 inches of body fat
    • Weekly unique inspiration and motivational updates in your inbox
    • 1 year acces to your BodieBoost account
    • Get 1 year unlimited personal guidance and support anytime and anywhere
    • Get 1 year unlimited access to the incredible BodieBoost Community

No results? Get your money back!

We are 100 % determined to help you achieve amazing results. We developed this challenge in the way that you will exactly discover how easy losing weight and maintaining weight loss can be. When you have weekly contact with your personal BodieBoost coach, follow your week menus and our advice well, it simply can't happen that you don't see results. Don't you see any results despite having weekly contact with your personal BodieBoost coach, following the week menus and our advice? No worries, we will refund the complete purchase costs.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1

    How does the 12-Week Weight Loss Program work?

    As soon as you subscribe, you receive the log-in data. When you log in, you find the first week menu and the first module. Weekly you will receive access to a new week menu and a new module - you will get an email for this. You can follow the program anytime, anywhere you want, this makes it very easy. Do you have any questions? Send us a message by mail or Whatsapp. We are personally there for you and want to do anything to coach you to a healthy weight.
  • 2

    How much do I lose on average?

    On average you lose 1 to 2 pounds per week.
  • 3

    Can I still eat together with my family?

    Yes, you can. When you read the BodieBoost weight loss method carefully, you see that also in the evening you can eat 1 x carbs, 1x proteins, and 1 x vegetables at the dinner recipes. So your dinner and day menu is composed according to the BodieBoost formula. Therefore you can continue cooking what your family loves and keep up with the BodieBoost proportions.
  • 4

    I can't spend a lot of money. Will I still be able to follow the BodieBoost weight loss method?

    Yes! You have lots of choice possibilities within the week menus. BodieBoost doesn’t work with points, calories or difficult diet rules. We believe in the five food groups (“families”): carbs, vegetables, proteins, dairy, and fruit. Within every family, you are the one who decides to choose which product. Hence you can also choose products on sale.
  • 5

    I’ve tried everything, why would I succeed now?

    A period of dieting and saying no to many foods ensures that you will fall back in your old patterns afterwards. This won’t give you any results. You will get the Yo-yo effect and will weigh more in the end than when you started the diet. BodieBoost is not a diet, but a lifestyle that you can keep up with for your whole life. If you want to lose weight, then it’s not important what you are doing ‘during’ the diet, but what you are doing before and afterwards. In other words, it is important to permanently adjust your lifestyle. With the BodieBoost weight loss method you get the tools to change your lifestyle for now and forever, with lots of choice and freedom. This time you will succeed!

Get direct access to the BodieBoost '12-Week Weight Loss Program'

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