Charlotte: ”I’ve lost 5 inches, thanks to BodieBoost”

21 November 2017

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It’s so nice that you’ve taken the time to read my story. Keeping with the theme of #HealthyHabits, I’d love to tell you something about my BodieBoost weight loss journey and give you my personal tips. My name is Charlotte, I am 24 years old and live in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and our pets. I struggle with an underactive thyroid gland which caused me to gain a lot of weight (and inches) this past year. After a long, confusing journey of dieting, I found BodieBoost. When I saw results after just the first week, BodieBoost became an important part of my lifestyle.

I wanted to lose inches.

For me, the number on the scale doesn’t matter as much as how my clothes fit me. My weight loss goal of last summer was to feel comfortable in shorts or a bikini. I reached this goal – something I am very proud of! For this winter, my weight loss goal is to fit into a beautiful dress for Christmas that I’ve put in my closet. I’m not comfortable wearing that dress yet since it’s tight around my belly so I hope to lose a few more inches around my waist!

I’ve already lost 5 inches, thanks to BodieBoost!

And still counting! My experience with BodieBoost has been that, when you eat everything that is written in the menus, you lose more than when you “don’t have time” and skip a meal. Sometimes it can be hard when you work from home or have a busy day but you can always follow BodieBoost when out for lunch or dinner. You need to get the hang of it first but once you do, the results are worth it! You feel more energized and more comfortable in your own skin!

The struggle

My biggest struggle has been the 3 hours of exercise per week “rule”. On Monday evenings, I do aqua aerobics and cycle a bit, but that only takes 1.5 hours in total so I still need to do something to fill up the other 1.5 hours. Filling up the 3 hours can be a struggle sometimes even though I do love being active. When I feel that I don’t workout enough, I compensate it with a walk so I still get some movement in.

One of the greatest changes I’ve noticed is how easy it is for me now to say “no” when someone offers me dessert. This is because I know exactly when I want to use my jokers. When you decide beforehand when you’ll enjoy your jokers, you’ll look forward to them and easily be able to say no to other temptations.

My personal advice for you

It’s a lifestyle! Looking good starts from within and feeling good within comes from the nutrients you get from the food you eat! Healthy and tasty food gives more energy and glowing skin. Follow the BodieBoost program, which we will be launching in January 2018, and you will see the difference! Perhaps the most important thing is to be proud of yourself because when you decide to start Boosting, you take your first step towards your weight loss goal and becoming the best version of you!

Do you want to lose weight without any fuss and stress but still have a lot of food choices? Download our trial package for free to get the hang of it and receive all of our updates. Don’t forget to become a part of the BodieBoost Lifestyle Facebook community (for free) via this link!

Your BodieBoost coaches,

Char & Car

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