Creating healthy habits that stick: the trick to it

28 November 2017

New healthy habits create and stick to them

Creating healthy habits doesn’t have to be so hard, but sticking to them is different story… especially when you have too much work on your plate at once (when you want to create too many healthy habits at once) . Let me tell you an inspiring story that will help you create long lasting healthy habits. Last week, I read a book by Stephen Guise called Mini habits. In this book he writes about how he used to feel so stressed when he’d think about working out – even just for a half hour. Therefore, he never started. Then, one day, he decided to do just 1 push up per day. It would be his new “mini habit”. I know it sounds almost pathetic do to just one push up a day, but because of this he is now going to the gym 3 times per week and he says he loves it. Want to know the secret behind it? Well…read further

Touch your nose to find out the big trick

So ladies, I want to ask you something. Can you touch your nose? I am not joking: please touch your nose. Sooo… did you touch it? You did it, right? And you know why you did it? You did it because the resistance you felt was not stronger than your willpower. Yep and THAT is the big trick.

I know it sounds funny, but let me explain. Most people have big ambitions and overestimate their ability to make themselves do what it takes to change. They think that, overnight, they can turn their life around 180 degrees; exercising for an hour a day, resisting all dessert, getting 8 hours of sleep, etc. while the day before, they were laying on the couch for hours with a bag of chips, watching Sex and the City.

Sound familiar?

I know for me it does. Then the next day comes and, oh nooo, to make things even worse, it’s MONDAY and guess what?! Yep, you guessed right: they do nothing. Nothing happens simply because their resolutions are too overwhelming and they’d rather not do it at all than succeed half-way. That is the biggest mistake people make. We have to start making small habits so we don´t feel overwhelmed – habits where our willpower will be stronger than the resistance and therefore, we’ll be able to create the habit we want.

Trick your brain, make yourself feel successful and become successful

Research shows that people who feel successful become more successful and people who feel like a failure will fail even more. So to feel successful you have to make sure that you achieve what you planned to achieve. How can you do that? You can do it by planning mini habits.  When you achieve your mini habits, you feel successful and confident.

This feeling of accomplishment will make you want to do the habit again to gain the same feeling again and therefore, in the end, you will achieve your bigger goal(s)! That is what happened when Stephen (author of Mini Habits) started the one-push-up-per-day challenge. He loved the feeling of accomplishment and loved to overachieve his mini goal/mini habit. The one push up became 10 pushups, became a workout, which finally became 3 work outs a week. Isn’t that amazing?

Now you know how the theory works and we want to make it even easier for you. To make sure you start and that you’ll keep up with it, we have a habit plan for you and it contains just 3 simple and fun steps. There are more steps described in the book, Mini Habits, but we chose the steps that we think are most important.

Step 1: Choose your mini habit, write it down and make a plan.

Decide what it is that you want to achieve and make it smaller. Want to exercise more? Plan to dance to 1 song per day or do a push up a day, just like Stephen. Want to eat more vegetables? Start eating just a small serving a day. Decide what you want to achieve, but keep it small. Remember: feeling successful brings more success, the feeling of failure brings more failure. So make sure that you feel successful by accomplishing your small healthy habits.

Step 2: Make a habit calendar.

Buy a cute notebook or buy/create a cute calendar. Write down the mini habits you want to achieve and put a √ when you finish the mini habit.  Checking off successful days feels amazing even after you’ve done it for months already.  You will see that it is so motivating. It’s so hard to break the streak when you see all the check marks on your calendar.

Step 3: Create your own reward plan.

The trick that makes you feel successful is to celebrate your wins. Some people just check off all the tasks on their To-Do list, go to bed and do the same thing the next day – without ever celebrating their achievements! When you accomplish your goals but never celebrate them, you won’t feel as successful as when you celebrate them! That’s why you have to celebrate your wins so you will become more conscious of them and therefore will feel successful which then makes you feel more confident.

Make sure though that your reward won’t interfere with you reaching your goal. When you lose a few pounds don’t treat yourself to an ice cream cone (except when you haven’t had all of your allowed weekly treats yet, of course!) but instead, treat yourself to a spa day or a day at the movies.

When you follow the BodieBoost weight loss method, we never ask you to turn around your whole lifestyle overnight. We take you by the hand to adjust your lifestyle step by step until it comes naturally for you. Want to know more about the BodieBoost weight loss method? Download our trial package for free here! We would like to know which mini habits you’d like to develop! Write it in the comments down below and let’s all inspire each other!

Wishing you a great day!

With love,

Your BodieBoost coaches

Char & Car

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