How to deal with Christmas during your weight loss journey

12 December 2017

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived…. Christmas! Happiness, family and…food. Is this a free ticket to eat everything you can or can you enjoy the holiday in a healthy way? Yes, with a few small adjustments, you can enjoy your Christmas time without feeling bloated all of the time. Today, we’ll share 7 personal tips that can help you maintain your weight during Christmas and maintain a positive mindset.

Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you during the holidays.

I’m not sure if you experience the same, but when I (Carlijn) feel cold, I forget to drink enough water. Sometimes I remind myself of a nice cup of warm tea, but this is more to keep myself warm than to quench my thirst. You might not feel thirsty but you really need to stay hydrated. The warm air from the heater or fireplace makes your skin sweaty and the liquid you breathe out evaporates. Therefore, you lose a lot of liquid! For that reason, it is important to continue drinking enough water or green tea – it doesn’t really matter which one as long as you drink enough! This is not only important for your health but also your skin.

Make sure to eat 3 main meals a day and get your nutritious snacks

It’s very tempting to loosen up your healthy lifestyle during the holidays and just do whatever you feel like. Not worrying too much, just enjoying yourself. However, this could be detrimental to the results you’ve already achieved! Don’t let yourself go too much during the holidays. It’s very important to enjoy the coziness, food and free time during the holidays but it is great to keep some routine. Make sure you have breakfast, lunch and dinner. On top of that, have a few nutritious snacks at regular times (you decide what time) so you will still have some structure throughout the day.

Because what makes you enjoy your food more?

You enjoy it more when you really taste the food: how does the texture of the food feel in your mouth? How does it taste? How does it smell? It might sound strange, but close your eyes for a moment and take time to enjoy the taste and smell of the food! And take enough time to chew – not bite, swallow and gone. By doing so, you will eat slower which will help you feel satiated faster and therefore, you won’t stuff yourself with food. Also, feel grateful for your healthy body and the delicious food you have. That said, you will increase your enjoyment of food!

During the Christmas holiday, you get 2 jokers as a present from us

You can plan 2 extra jokers. Before the holidays arrive, plan which moments you want to use your jokers on. In total, you have 4 jokers. It’s a great chance to enjoy and choose the tastiest foods during the Christmas holiday.

Don’t forget your veggies.

Vegetables contain few calories and are rich in nutrients. When you go out for dinner, don’t immediately choose bread, meat, rice and pasta. Start with vegetables. After that, you can have other treats.  Be sure to always get your veggies in and then enjoy other tasty treats. When you feel satiated, stop eating.

Be present during mealtimes.

When you have dinner during the Christmas holiday and have lots of treats in front of you, be in the moment and don’t worry too much. Be present. Thoughts like, “I can’t eat too much”, “What should I do”, or the opposite, “I want to eat everything” won’t get you anywhere. Feel your body and what you are craving. When you do this, you will know when you feel satiated and can stop eating. A great thing to try is the “80% rule”. This trick is described in the book, Ikigai, which is about the Japanese secrets for a healthy and happy life. Eat until your stomach is 80% filled instead of stuffing yourself with foods that cause the body to feel exhausted and take longer to digest.


No, we don’t mean to go for a run at 7 A.M on Christmas Eve or do yoga for an hour a day, but simply that you shouldn’t sit too much during the holidays! Go for a half hour walk (perhaps with the dog) or bike to the Christmas dinner. Stay active and don’t lay on the couch all day – enjoy the holidays!

Hopefully these tips will help you. Don’t forget: enjoy delicious food, your family and friends and make the holidays memorable. Do what feels food because that is what’s most important!

With love,

Your BodieBoost Coaches

Char, Car & Kathinka

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