Stewed pear choco mousse

19 December 2017

Only a few days left until the most wonderful time of the year. Cozy, lovely, amazing days, but sometimes also extra difficult because of all the treats that are staring at you and scream ‘pleaaaseeee eat me’. Yes we know the feeling. Butttt, don’t worry. This year also YOU can enjoy a delicious desert that is even pretty healthy. Serve this delicious choco-stewed pears and enjoy fully during Christmas without feeling guilty.

Ingredients for one person

  • 1 avocado
  • 1 banana
  • 2 tbsp. Raw cacoa
  • 2 teaspoons of cinamon
  • 3 stewed pears

(Ready-made or unprepared)


In case you work with unprepared stewed pears, the first step is to prepare them the way you like – with or without cinnamon, with or without sugar and with or without red wine. When preparing it is important to not cut in 1 of the stewed pears. Of course the skin has to be peeled. This one stewed pear will be used as a garnish.

After that you mix in a blender the avocado, banana, raw cacao, cinnamon and 2 stewed pears until smooth. If you want you can also add some (coconut blossom) sugar.

Pour the mousse in a pretty cup or wineglass, top it with the stewed pear that is left over and sprinkle some extra cacao op top. Enjoy your delicious desert!

According to the BodieBoost weight loss method you can count this as: 2 x fruit and 1 1 x vegetables.

Enjoy the Christmas days! Did you already see our video with personal tips to not gain weight during the Christmas days? You find it here via this link.

With love,

Your BodieBoost Coaches

Char & Car

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