You want to flip the switch and start your BodieBoost weight loss adventure, where do you start?

26 December 2017

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Char & Car here! Our personal goal is to help a LOT of women lose weight without the fuss and with a lot of food choices. We are enormously happy with the reactions we get per mail and Whatsapp. It’s so great to hear that our blog ‘Creating healthy habits that stick: the trick to it gave you so many insights. We hope that today we can help you again to get ahead. Today we speak about the subject: You want to start the BodieBoost weight loss method, where do you start?

I (Charlotte) find this a very interesting subject. You want to start, but it would be oh so nice to have somebody that can show you the way. Where do you need to start? In short how do you start with BodieBoost? We like to share the selected tools you need, we truly want you to get control over your start. We all know, to start is just to begin… sigh, so simple it actually is 😉 However, easier said than done. We’ve been in your shoes, so hopefully Car and I can help you today.

You want to flip the switch and start a healthier lifestyle. You actually already want to start a while ago, but find it difficult, because you don’t know where to start. Do I need to change my whole lifestyle overnight and go to the gym every day? Do I need to switch my food pattern a 180 degrees? Do I need to think about the diet all day long? Can I never eat something ‘unhealthy’ anymore? These are several questions that mess with your head when you want to flip the switch and want to live healthier -and because of all these questions, you block yourself and therefore don’t start. You are in the ‘procrastinate modus’. I (Carlijn) think you know this feeling. The truth is, transformation takes time.

How do you start when you want to break your patterns?

When you want to change your lifestyle, it is very important to know your motivation. So the first step is to find out why you want to change. Therefore make sure to know your motivation first. Stay close to yourself with this. Feel what you want. Ask yourself the next questions:

  • Why do I want to change something?
  • Why am I not happy at the moment?
  • What does my current lifestyle do to me?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • How will you feel when you reach your goal?

Set a realistic goal

Step 2; Set a realistic and achievable goal. You can set different kinds of goals

  • A dream goal: I want to look slim and have enough energy to realize my life goals.
  • Long term goal: I want to lose 40 pounds (this is just an example. It can be 5, 10, 15 or however many pounds you want to lose!)
  • Short term goal: this month, I want to do intense workouts twice a week.
  • Immediate goal: I want to drink 2 liters of water today and walk for half an hour.

Imagine your goal is to lose 40 pounds. It’s a big goal to have – and may seem slightly overwhelming – so we are going to split this goal up into mini achievable steps. I, Charlotte, always say the following: Imagine a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs you can see your long-term goal: losing 40 pounds. Every step under it contains a short-term goal. You can’t climb the stairs in one single step. You have to take small steps to reach the top. Step by step, you get closer to your big weight loss goal. In life, there will be plenty of obstacles. Don’t let your motivation drop because you encounter an obstacle! One step back on the “stairs to success” doesn’t mean that you won’t reach the top – it’s just part of the weight loss journey!

The goal is set, what’s next?

You’ve set your long-term goal: losing 40 pounds. We are going to split this up into small steps now. We’ll start with the short-term goal.

What change can you make to improve your lifestyle this coming month?

For example, this could be: this month I’m going to do intense workouts twice a week. I’m going to buy healthy groceries like veggies and fruit. This month I will plan ‘joker moments’ and therefore won’t want to binge eat anymore.

Now we will set the immediate goal. What can you do NOW to move forward in achieving your main goal? This could be drinking 2 liters of water in a day, walking for half an hour or writing down a day menu for tomorrow.

Ok, your goal is on paper. Good job, babe! You now have a clear goal in mind and a good starting point. We’ll emphasize it one more time: make your goal achievable! Set realistic goals, otherwise there is a large chance you will end up disappointed. Take it easy, you’ve got time! So, if you’re a nonathletic person, don’t aim to immediately start going to the gym 4 times a week. Again, stay true to yourself otherwise you won’t reach the finish line. Also, don’t expect that you will have to be in the kitchen for hours to prepare a healthy meal. Instead, make it easily achievable for yourself and check what changes fit into your life and not just into this week. The BodieBoost recipes can be prepared within 30 minutes and all ingredients are available in your local grocery store – so there are no excuses.

What can you do today to get a step closer to your long-term goal?

Today we gave you the first steps for starting your BodieBoost weight loss adventure. We hope to have given you clear tools that can give you that boost to start. We have one more small tip for you: write down your goals. Buy a cute note book and write down your goals. Separate your short term and long term goals. You’ve thought about it, you’ve written it down and now it is time for action! Let us know about your goals (dreamgoal, long term goal and short term goal) down below the blog post. Oh and don’t forget to let us what you will do today to start.

With love,

Your BodieBoost Coaches,

Char & Car

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