Carbs make you gain weight; fact or fable?

2 January 2018

As BodieBoost coaches, Char and I, Carlijn, have a personal goal of helping women lose weight without unnecessary stress while still allowing a lot of food variety.  We want to show you how easy weight loss can be. We hope that, this week, we can bring you a step further. We get many emails from Bodieboosters and we also read the topics discussed in the online community. This is how we choose what to discuss on our blog. Today we’ll give you an answer to the following: do you gain weight from carbs?

Carbs are a subject that I’m sure is important to many of you. It’s always the #1 topic amongst people who want to lose weight. Car and I have also tried eating low carb at times in our dieting past. What happened is we didn’t lose any weight but ended up eating more carbs than ever before because we restricted ourselves from them for so long. Low carb diets are never any fun because, let’s be honest, once in a while you just need a slice of pizza, bread or plate of pasta!

We’re sure many of you have tried in the past to limit carbs from your food plan with the hope of losing weight faster.  In short, the subject of today will be familiar to many of you.

How do carbs affect your body?

Let me explain to you how carbs affect your body. Carbs are one of the three macronutrients that your body needs, the other two being fats and protein. Carbs are especially important for the brain and red blood cells. They are your brain’s most important source of energy. Your brain needs glucose and glucose derives from carbs. In short; carbs give you energy. When you consume carbs, you can move, think, concentrate, etc. – so when you consume the right amount of carbs, you function well. When you consume too few carbs, your body uses energy from fat or muscle protein. Do you currently follow or have you followed a low carb diet in the past? It is important to know that this can cause a lack of important vitamins, minerals and fibers.

When do carbs get stored as fat?

Carbs convert to glucose in your body. Your body can’t store this glucose limitlessly. The glucose you don’t immediately use gets saved in the muscles and in other tissues. Sometimes there is such a large amount of glucose in your body that your body needs to do something with it. In that case, it gets stored as fat.

Do carbs make you gain weight?

Of course you can gain weight by eating too many carbs but that’s just when you consume too many calories overall. The key to carbs is consuming the proper amount. If you eat an extra serving of potatoes and bread every day, it’s common sense that you’ll gain weight. But the same thing would happen if you ate too much fruit, dairy or protein! It is important to look at your energy balance: how much do you consume and how much do you burn? So you don’t need to worry about eating carbs – carbs DON’T make you gain weight when consumed in proper amounts. Our advice is to continue following the BodieBoost weight loss method well and therefore not cut out any foods or eat extra of any foods. Make sure you eat the right portions. Follow our BodieBoost weight loss method to know the amount of carbs we advise you to eat daily. Download the trial package here for free and get to know more about our method. Try it out!

What are the best choices in terms of carbs?

It’s best to choose carbs that are high in fiber. For example, have whole wheat products like whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice and legumes. These products also contain vitamin B and important minerals.

The conclusion is that carbs won’t make you gain weight if you keep things in balance (when you don’t eat more than your body needs). Our last message for you: don’t completely eliminate carbs. Sooner or later you’ll start to crave carbs because your body is needing them. Finding the right balance is key for long term weight loss results and maintenance. A certain amount of daily carbs is even beneficial for your weight loss journey. Know why? You aren’t restricting yourself or demonizing certain foods and, therefore, you gain more confidence in your food choices that you can continue eating in a normal way plus lose/maintain weight (depending on your goal). You can do it, babe! Have faith and put carbs back on the table.

Now we would like to hear from you!

Is today’s subject something that is often on your mind? What is your opinion about carbs and weight loss? Do you have any advice for the rest of the readers?  Or do you have any questions or comments on the blog post from today? Let us know in a comment down below!

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