Is yoga good for weight loss?

13 February 2018

yoga, weight loss

When you hear the word yoga, do you also instantly think about a serene old lady on a yoga mat in Bali? Yoga is often one of those things most people don’t think about when trying to fit into that skinny jeans again. To lose weight, we often tend to think that we just need to consume fewer calories than burn and eventually we will get there. Does this truly always work or is it more complicated than that? And what role does yoga play in weight loss? Find out in this blog post!

Yoga stimulates the Thyroid.

The thyroid gland has a butterfly form located in the neck. When active, it releases a hormone that boosts the metabolism. However, when the thyroid gland stops releasing the thyroid hormone, the metabolism slows down, which results in weight gain. It’s said that more than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime.  Yeap, you read it right, 12 percent. That’s a pretty large amount… An underactive thyroid can cause weight gain. Yoga has been shown to increase thyroid activity.

Yoga increases the metabolism.

Besides increasing the thyroid activity, yoga increases the metabolism. Plenty of poses massage the digestive organs. These poses help the digestive tract function smoothly, which in turn boosts metabolism. Whenever I (Carlijn) feel that my digestion doesn’t flow as it should, I always get back to yoga. When your digestion doesn’t work optimal, your food doesn’t get processed as effective as it should. When doing certain yoga twists, the impurities in your body get eliminated. Yoga is a great way of cleaning your body from the inside out by stimulating your digestive organs.

Yoga diminishes stress.

When you experience stress, the hormone cortisol increases. What happens after is that your blood sugar level rises, which results in extra abdominal fat. So that salad you just ate can be a very slim salad, but when you experience stress, your body will ensure to store this meal. This stored meal gets stored as fat around your belly to prepare you for the next stressful situation. Therefore when you feel intensely stressed but eat healthily, it can be that you don’t lose weight. So there you go, the combination of a healthy diet + sports is not the sole solution for weight loss. How you feel inside plays a very important role as well.

Besides that stress can also stimulate your appetite. You know this feeling when you are ruminating about the past, in a rush or just simply need to make a very important decision and all you want to do is grab a bag of Doritos spicy nacho chips? Yeap that’s also because of our friend cortisol.

A good way of diminishing stress is the practice of yoga. When you feel stressed, you’re not living in the moment. You think about that piece of pie you ate yesterday and shouldn’t have had, all the things on your to-do list for today and feel drained, or about that mean comment you shouldn’t have made about your aunt Nelly. When you do yoga, you learn to focus on the moment. To stay focused into the practice, you have to be in the now. Because of that practice, it will be easier to stay in the now even after the practice finished. That’s a win-win girls, you won’t only be able to focus more on one task a time, but also to reduce your stress level.

Yoga helps you to eat more mindfully
In the past, I (Charlotte) was often struggling with binge eating. Whenever I would feel stressed, anxious or irritated, I would just grab a bag of chips to make life a bit more comfortable and easy – for that moment at least. Yoga taught me how to live a more relaxed and calm life. My life didn’t get calmer in the literal sense, but my mind got, and I am very grateful for that! When you feel unbalanced within, you will be unbalanced on the outside as well. By doing yoga I learned how to feel calmer within, and therefore my food pattern looks balanced right now.

Oh, what a relief to not feel that way like I did anymore! Besides yoga, the BodieBoost weight loss formula also came as a gift from heaven for me. Not needing to worry anymore to drink from time to time a glass of wine, a bit of chocolate or a piece of pie – and to still maintain my weight –  was and still is a huge relief for me! Do you want to feel calm inside as well and experience the same I do? Download the BodieBoost trial package for free here. No worries, no strings attached. Just a present from us for you because we are happy you want to prioritize your health! Oh and girls, don’t forget that your health is the greatest gift you have and should not take for granted.

P.S. Do you practice yoga? In what kind of way does it help you? Inspire other BodieBoosters by commenting down below. We can all help and inspire each other!

With love,
Your Bodieboost Coaches
Char & Car


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