7 Ways to burn fat without going to the gym

13 March 2018

burn, fat, without, gymWe all know that it is important for our health to get enough movement. Although we know this, do we really get enough movement? Unfortunately for most of us, the answer is NO. Nowadays many of us live the so-called ‘box-life’. You go from the one box (your house) to the other box (your work) by using another box (your car). In all those boxes we spend our time just sitting, sitting and guess what else? Bammm, 10 points for you, you’re right; sitting even more. You’re body is not made for sitting long periods of time. It needs movement. On top of that, sitting for long periods of time slows down your metabolism. I guess you don’t like that, right? Read more to find out how we can get more movement without losing time or going to the gym.

Dance when there is a commercial break on television

You know that moment..? You’re watching television and then arghhh the commercial break pops up again. You don’t need that new Ariel Extra Hygiene Biological Laundry Powder. No, you just want to know how this episode of sex and the city will end! However, this doesn’t need to be a time to get irritated. It can serve as a reminder. A reminder to get some movement! Salsaaa! You say you’re terrible at dancing? No worries, some squats are ok, too. When we get some movement during the commercial breaks we make sure we don’t sit for a long period of time. So put on a song; dance, do jumping jacks, squats, do some somersualts, whatever feels right for you! By doing so, you won’t lose any extra time – and trust me these small kind of exercises DO make a difference! It just takes a few minutes and fires up your metabolism!

Use meetings to go for a walk

When meeting a friend, propose him/her to go for a walk. This is not only good for your body but trust me, also for your conversations! I don’t know why, but there is something magical about going for a walk with friends. It makes the conversations deeper, better, simply more meaningful. Try it out! Besides going for a walk with friends, try to do the same when having a business meeting or assembly. You will get more movement, your concentration improves, and therefore the meeting will be even more productive. WIN WIN WIN!

Take the stairs everytime you get the chance

We know, this tip seems quite self-evident. But are you doing this already? Honestly? The stairs at home, your work, the shopping mall, the metro? Yes, all the time. Since I (Carlijn) started doing this, I climb around 10 stairs a day. I can genuinely say that I see some difference in my leg muscles! Common sense is often uncommon… Are you going to use this super simple trick?

Going somewhere nearby? Take the bike

In cities it often takes the same time to go by bike as going by car because the traffic jams and the lost time searching for a parking spot. Saving money, check. Supporting the environment, check. Burning calories, CHECK! Do you already have a bike? If not, are you going to purchase one?

Take a shopping basket instead of a shopping cart

It is the small changes that make a big change, never forget that.

Change your work style

One of the places we spend the most time is the place we work at. Most of us sit behind our desk for about 9 hours a day. Think about it… how many hours it will be after a few years… You’ve probably heard that sitting is the new smoking? That’s because prolonged, all day sitting can lead to various diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes to name a few. Luckily there are some conscious choices you can make; one of them is getting a standing desk. A new study shows that a person of 143 pounds can lose around 5.5 pounds per year, just when using a standing desk instead of a sitting-desk. Isn’t that great? And it won’t even take you extra time to lose those pounds. Remember, all these small changes add up!

Take time to play with your kids

When you’re a parent, take time to play with your kids. Let your inner child come out! Play hide and seek, play soccer, you name it. You won’t only lose weight, you will also see that you will forget what time it is and feel alive. This is great for our mental health too! Most importantly, when you feel stressed, it is very hard to lose weight. I speak from experience… So take that quality time with your kids, and improve your health and at the same time the health of your kids too.

Did these tips help you? Are you already putting them into practise? Please let us know in the comments!

P.P.S Do you have any other tips on how to lose weight without going to the gym? Inspire each other by commenting down below this post! We’re all in this together babes!

With love,

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