The power of word choice

10 April 2018

the power of word choice

Read the next two sentences: ‘Oh I hate my body’ and ‘I am on a journey to love my body.’ How did the first sentence make you feel? What about the second one? Well it doesn’t matter anyway since the meaning is the same, right? Wrong. Often we use words without putting any love, positivity or humor inside. We feel like we have so many problems, need to do so many things and therefore don’t feel like the best version of ourselves. Now ask yourself, do we truly have so many problems or are it just challenges? Do we have to do so many things or do we GET to do so many things? Just a simple change in word choice, but an immense difference in feelings towards the situation… read further if you want to get some simple but handy tricks that can dramatically improve the quality of your life… Read further if you want to find out more about the power of word choice!

Your word choices influence your brain

Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman explain in their book named ‘words can change your brain’ that the more you focus on negative thoughts and words, the more they can damage your key structures that regulate memory, feelings, and emotions.

When you speak negative words out loud, even more stress chemicals will be released.

This is pretty serious… so when you say ‘Oh god, I’m WORTHLESS, I feel DE PLE TED and just can’t do this anymore… give me a BIG MAC with extra cheddar cheese!’ You cause your body to release more stress chemicals, and therefore you feel even worse…

Negative thinking is also self-perpetuating. Hence when you focus on negative thoughts and speak them out loud, you train your subconscious to create even more similar thoughts. The same holds true for positive thoughts. When you focus on positive thoughts and focus on verbalizing positive words, you train your subconscious to think more positive thoughts. So even if you don’t feel like it, trick your brain by using more positive words. You will see that it will make you feel better even though the situation stays the same. Even your future you will reap the benefits of it since you’re training your subconscious at the same time. Read further to find out which words you can better strikethrough in your dictionary and which words you need to use more often to enhance the party called life.

Scrap the word should from your vocabulary

‘Should’ implies you have to do something, but you don’t do it. Unconsciously it makes you feel guilty. Use ‘I will’ or ‘I am going to’ instead. Decide for yourself: are you going to do the thing you have in mind or are you going to skip it? Both decisions are ok, just don’t use should. For example, read this sentence: ‘I should do sports tonight.’ It just doesn’t feel good, right? It feels like you have to do sports but somehow you won’t. When you don’t have time for it, don’t do sports, when you have time for it, do it. So; or say nothing, or say I’m going to do sports tonight / I will go to the gym tonight.

Don’t say that the situation is negative; say that your perspective is negative

This is what I learned from Jay Shetty. He is such a wise motivational speaker. He gives me so many insights! Go check out his Youtube channel if you don’t know him yet. So what he says is that a situation is not good or bad in itself, our perspective is what makes it positive or negative. Therefore when something happens, don’t say; the situation is hopeless, but say ‘my perspective is hopeless’. When you say that your perspective is hopeless, you feel the urge to change your perspective. In the end, nobody wants to be someone with a hopeless perspective right? When you change your perspective, you change your thoughts. Your thoughts become actions and those actions will form your life. Therefore chose a beautiful perspective.

When you see someone more successful than you, do you get inspired by that person and want to strive for more, or do you feel less worthy and get demotivated? Listen to the voices in your head. Become conscious of the negative stories you’re daily telling yourself and change them for beautiful ones, for encouraging ones.

In the end, if there are so many different perspectives possible, why choose one that drags you down and makes you feel small? Choose for the most beautiful one, the one that makes you smile and makes you want to wake up early in the morning. In the end life is as beautiful as we make it, it’s as beautiful as our perspective is. Are you ready to implement beautiful perspectives in your daily life? Type YES! In the comments down below if you are. Let’s support each other. Read this blog post if you find it difficult to change your perspective. It will give you the tools and tricks to open your mind.

Don’t make things bigger than they are

Some life events are painful and difficult; I’m not going to deny that. There are also a lot of things in life that don’t need to be as painful as we make it… When something happens, we often feel like it is the end of the world or even the end of the entire universe… We tend to get stuck in a moment and therefore exaggerate. We forget to see the bigger picture. This reflects in our language. As said before our word choices influence our emotions. Hence we will only feel worse when we say that we feel hopeless, depleted and just don’t know what to do anymore. Try to not use words that are too dramatic. Instead of saying that you feel hopeless, say that you feel challenged. Instead of saying that you are furious say that you are angry. You get the point?

Nothing happens to you, it happens for you

I’m a big fan of Jim Carrey. Oh, what a wise man he is! His perspectives are just so enlightening. One of the things he said is: ‘Nothing happens to you, it happens for you’. That’s how I like to think as well and guess what, it makes me feel a lot better! So remember whenever you find yourself in a challenging situation, it is always good for something because the universe has got something more beautiful for you in mind or is trying to teach you something. Nothing happens to you; it happens for you. Cut this sentence and paste it into your mental dictionary!

Show more gratitude

Research shows that people who show more gratitude are generally happier in life. Happy people make better decisions and therefore simply take better care of themselves. When somebody tells you that your new dress looks amazing on you, how do you reply? Do you say: ‘oh well, I just got it in the sale from Zara…’Or do you say: ‘that’s so kind of you, THANK YOU’! Try out the latter. When somebody is doing something small for you do you just let it go by or do you genuinely thank the person? Show more appreciation, become more conscious of all the great gifts you get every day. You will see that when you stand still for a moment and think about all these blessings, that there countless.

Never a problem, always a challenge

One last word I would like to spread for now; a problem is only a problem when you see it as a problem. Your weight loss journey doesn’t have to be a problem. It can be a door to a beautiful venture. A venture in which you learn about yourself, in which you can learn how to develop self-discipline, in which you can learn how to love yourself a bit more every day. It’s definitely going to be challenging at times, but isn’t challenge what we need in life?

Wouldn’t life be boring when everything goes exactly according to plan, exactly how we want it to go? Doesn’t the struggle allow us to grow and isn’t it therefore actually such a blessing?

Think about this for yourself and let me know your thoughts about this in the comments.

P.s. When was the last time you won a challenge? How did it make you feel? Now tell me, was it a bad or a good thing it happened for 😉 you?  Share your experience with me and the other BodieBoosters in the comments. We’re all in this together !

Have a lovely day and don’t forget to enjoy the miracle called life!

With love,



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