The magic weight loss trick; celebrate the small wins

24 April 2018

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Did you ever reach a goal where after you found yourself already planning for the next one…? You will be happy when you lose another 10 pounds, right? Or when you fit into that skinny jeans again…? New goals will always arise. Whenever you reach your goal, the next one is already standing at your front door BEGGING you to let him in; he jells that the previous achievement wasn´t enough and that if you let him in, he will make you happy – and you, you let him in. Don’t get me wrong. This is not a bad thing at all; I am a big fan of the ‘lifelong growing’ mindset. It makes us feel alive. The thing is that we shouldn’t just jump from goal to goal simply for the sake of achieving those big wins, thinking it will make us happy. We need to start focussing on the small wins as well. It is easy to celebrate the big wins, but unfortunately, they only occur once in a while. What about the other time, the time you’re working hard towards your goals? Must we ignore this and delay to throw a party until X happens…? Or must we celebrate those small wins as well? Please, please, PLUH-ease choose the latter. Read more if you want to find out why it will help you in your weight loss journey!

Behavior that is rewarded gets repeated

Edward Thorndike is the father of the ‘law of effect’. He tells us that rewarded behavior tends to be repeated or strengthened; unrewarded behavior tends to die out or weakened. Think about all those little things you do on a daily basis get to your goal. The healthy lunch box you make, the stairs you take instead of the elevator, the moist chocolate cake that smoothly whispers your name but you don’t take. These are all wins we often forget to acknowledge. When you never acknowledge those small wins you are less likely to repeat those actions.

The small wins make the big goal possible

Without those small wins, you would never be able to reach your main goal. Don’t ignore them. When we learn how to celebrate the small wins the journey transforms into a little party, since there will be a lot to celebrate! Make sure though that your rewards don’t hinder you from reaching your goal. So when you say no to the moist chocolate cake, don’t treat yourself to Ice cream. Instead reward yourself with some ‘me time’, a good book, pedicure, whatever it is you enjoy doing.

Tell me; how can you celebrate your next small wins? Please let me know in the comments. You might even inspire other BodieBoosters to start rewarding themselves as well!

External VS Internal rewards

Research shows that those who are primarly motivated by internal rewards are more likely to continuously strive towards their goals than those whose prime motivation is to gain external rewards. An intrinsic reward is a sense of achievement, the feeling you did something well, it is acknowledging yourself for your good behavior. An external reward can be a book, a spa night, you name it. My favorite time of the day is the time I take to acknowledge myself. I truly LOVE this time of the day. I put in my earplugs, take a walk and think about all the things that went well that day and I can be proud of. Another way to do this is to buy a little cute notebook where you can jot down your achievements. The benefit of a note book is that you can read it back whenever you feel demotivated! Are you going to implement this exercise into your daily routine?

P.S. It’s amazing to achieve what you want to achieve but it is even more amazing to have made your first step, celebrate this, and look forward with hope to your next step. When we celebrate, we feel a sense of pride, which gives us hope. The JOURNEY is the fun part, the HOPE is the fun part. Let it sink in and think about it for a moment. Wishing you an amazing day full of (self) love!

P.P.S. Having a hard time forming new habits? Read our blog post on mini-habits!

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