How to stop binge eating | Or better said, how to become infertile to food baby’s

29 May 2018

How to stop binge eating

Binge eating. It’s just something that mentally hurts so much. You want to eat healthy, you are going to the gym, everything seems right but then at some point you have to finish that package of burritos with extra fries. And oh wait, what is dinner without a dessert, right? So there you go, you stuff yourself with another two cupcakes, three snickers and a large piece of apple pie where after you end up in a food coma while giving birth to your food baby. You quickly try to solve things by telling yourself that today is cheat day, but NAH AH, we all know that ain’t true. So what can we do about this? And is binge eating something we can actually overcome? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Read more if you want to become infertile to food babies.

What is binge eating

Binge eating is a pattern. It is a pattern that you subconsciously formed through the months or years and that has now become normal to you. Many of us even feel like the pattern is who we are. But this is far from true. A pattern is something you can form, but also break, just like habits. (Go to our blog post on mini habits if you want to find out how easy it can be to create new healthy habits!) There are three causes that can create your binge eating pattern. It’s important to find out what causes you to binge, so you can create a different reaction when the trigger invites you to get over for a binge eating party.

_No. 1
Emotional eating

Many people use food to suppress their feelings. Feeling bored? Oh hey, why not get funky with a KitKat chunky! Feeling sad? Those Oreo cookies are always there for you, and never complain, right? These are short-term solutions. We might feel great at that moment but we will feel terrible afterward.

So when an unpleasant feeling comes up, instead of running to the fridge, take a moment. Ask yourself; why do I want to binge eat? Am I missing love? Is it to get comfort? Find out what causes you to binge eat. See what you can do instead to create that same pleasant feeling. For example, call a friend, practice your hobby or nurture yourself by taking a bath or by doing meditation. You name it. For some, the unpleasant feelings can be caused by a past trauma. In that case, make sure to find some professional help.

_No. 2

Binge eating can easily turn into a habit. You probably know the story of Pavlov, right? So the story goes like this. Pavlov had a dog which he, of course, fed every day. So what happened when the dog saw food? DING DING DING, you’re right, he started to drool. Now Pavlov decided to add another element to that. He began to ring a bell every time he would feed his dog. Hence, after a while, the dog started to drool by only hearing the bell. This is what they call a conditioned reflex. That’s the way how some habits and patterns are formed unintentional. The same goes for binge eating.

You finished work, go home, open your computer and open Netflix to watch the sex and the city. You jump on the couch and open your favorite bag of chips. Before you know it, it’s empty. You watch another episode and of courseee, for this you need some tasty food, too. Thus you go to the supermarket and buy some chocolate and another bag of chips. Whoops, you ended up binge-watching all night, and therefore also binge eating. For many of us watching television can be a stimulus to eat something. For others, it may be at different times – times of celebration for example. Both situations have nothing to do with food itself, but WE subconsciously formed these connections. Find out when you link food to a certain event or situation and try to separate it from each other.

_No. 3
You don’t eat enough during the day

Nowadays everybody is busy busy busy. We try to meet our work expectations, social expectations, family expectations, and the list goes on. We live in a world of too much, and therefore simply sometimes forget to eat on time. If you deprive your body of the nutrients and energy it needs, it feels like it needs to balance the loss it experienced earlier that day. And guess what happens then? Yeap, binge eating. Give yourself the time and permission to eat regular meals, so your body doesn’t feel like it needs compensation later on in the day.

The last tip for today: please NEVER follow a diet. When you follow a diet, you are doomed to end up binge eating. Many diets won’t be able to make you feel satiated. Hence the hunger never abates, and the food during the diet is just simply not enough. Besides that, many diets deprive you of certain foods, which makes your craving grow bigger and bigger. We all know how this story will end… How is your experience with dieting? Did you also experience binge eating? Let me, and the other BodieBoosters know in the comments below!

The good thing about BodieBoost is that you can still eat everything you want. BodieBoost doesn’t work with calories, nor points. It’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle – a lifestyle which you can keep up with for the rest of your life! Download the trial package to find out more about the BodieBoost weight loss method and receive a free week menu!

P.S. As an exercise for this week I would like to ask you the next thing: find out at what times you binge. Keep a calendar. Is it when you feel low? Is it when you watch television? Or is it when you deprive yourself of (a certain) food for a too long time? When you find out why you start to binge at certain moments, you can work on your solution. Do you already know your trigger? Let me know in the comments below, we’re all in this together!

‘If a problem can be solved at all, to understand it and to know what to do about it are the same thing.’ – Alan Watts.

P.P.S. Did you ever binge eat? and did you overcome it? If yes, please let us know in the comments. We’re all in this together! Let’s help and inspire each other!

With love,

Your BodieBoost coach


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