Wabi-sabi | how to view your imperfections in a different way

3 July 2018

Wabi-sabi | how to view your imperfections in a different way

A while ago I was meditating, using the app called  ‘calm.’ That day I heard for the first time about wabi-sabi. I fell in love with the meaning of this precious word. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy that embraces the beauty of imperfection. BUT, It doesn’t only embrace the beauty of imperfection, it also embraces that everything comes and goes. It embraces the process of getting older – it is the art of seeing the beauty in it. And so many more things… Although it might be difficult to fully understand what wabi-sabi exactly means, it is certainly something magical everybody has to learn more about.

My meaning of wabi-sabi

For me, wabi-sabi means the stretch marks on my buttocks. My acné that shows up now and then. My straight body, without any real curves – even though I always, ALWAYS wanted to have a curvy body when I was younger. I can’t tell you that I’m always able to live according to this philosophy. It’s challenging. I know life would be a lot more pleasant if I did, but still, somehow I don’t always feel like it. So this is what I’m working towards, to live a ‘wabi-sabi life.’ And hey, you know what: everything is a process. Step by step I feel that I’m getting closer to embracing my flaws. And If I can, so can you!

A quick exercise

In her book named Wabi-sabi Love, Arielle Ford suggests the next thing: “Ask yourself: What can you find beautiful about what you’re now calling a flaw? And could you embrace that?” Try it for yourself. Can’t find the beauty in your own flaws? Ask someone else close to you to name the beauty of your own flaws. Do the same for the other person. It’s always easier to see the beauty in others than in ourselves.

Because what is beauty anyway? And who came up with the idea that things like stretch marks, love handles, wrinkles and aging bodies can’t be beautiful? We are all full of flaws; we are all Wabi-sabi. We’re all art pieces in our own way!

Are you going to practice Wabi-sabi? I hope you do, because you are beautiful and deserve to know it and more importantly, to feel it. Let me know in the comments below which parts of you, and your body represents Wabi-sabi for you. We’re all in this together! Let’s embrace our ‘flaws’.

P.S. Want to learn how to stop judging your body? Check out this blog post. It shows you how stop judging in just 5 steps!

Sending you lots of love and self-confidence. You’re so worth it!

With love,

Your BodieBoost coach,

Elles Ottens

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