Why comparison is toxic for your weight loss journey and how to stop it

17 July 2018

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Comparison – something very, very ugly. From time to time (Well uhum, moment to moment) we’re all guilty of this. You know that moment when you feel proud of yourself for going to the gym twice a week, but then you bump into someone who goes four times a week? Well, there goes proud again, running harder and further away than ever before. You try to run after him, but he yells at you and says he won’t come back home until you STOP COM-PA-RING. Comparing yourself to others can be painful. Read more if you want to find out why it’s toxic for your weight loss adventure and how to stop doing it.

There is always going to be someone ‘better’ out there.

Even if you compare your strengths, there is always someone out there who is doing it better than you do. You work out five times a week? There will be someone out there who works out six times a week. You drink a green smoothie every other day? There will be someone out there who drinks six green smoothies every day, including bee polls, chia seeds, wheatgrass, spirulina and every other superfood you can imagine. Even if you are already at the top of your game, there will be someone who does it ‘better’ than you do. This makes comparison an impossible race to win and a very VERY tiring one.

We’re all different

Our body types and our metabolisms are different. Your friend may live the same healthy lifestyle you do but lose two more pounds every week. The same story the other way around is possible too. Yup, I know it feels unfair, and it kinda is. But the thing is though that if you start focusing on this, your weight loss journey will become more of a weight loss torture instead of a weight loss adventure. Which one sounds more pleasant;)?

”If you continuously compete with others you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better” ~ unknown.

We usually don’t know what is going on in someone else’s life

We compare our weight loss results, but don’t know that the other person lost a lot of weight because of stress, a crash diet or simply has a faster metabolism than you have. We don’t know at which level the other person is. Perhaps you even compare your results of one month of hard work with someone’s one year of hard work. How much do you actually know about the person you’re comparing yourself to? How much do you know about her workout schedule, diet and her lifestyle in general? Perhaps you just started your weight loss journey, and the girl in the supermarket you just saw has been living a healthy lifestyle for years. Perhaps the girl next door found the perfect healthy lifestyle for her, and you are still figuring out what is best for you…

Don’t compare your chapter one to someones chapter 20 ~ unknown

So that being said, what can we do to avoid comparison?

  • Only follow people on social media who inspire you and who are ‘keeping it real,’ not people who make you feel envious with their only polished pictures and utopian captions.
  • Frequently plan a social media detox. Even though you follow people who inspire you, from time to time you will certainly fall into the comparison trap. What I do: I don’t check my phone the first and the last two hours of the day. Besides that, I plan one social media free day per week. I have to say that I truly feel calmer because of this. Are you willing to plan a few ‘social media free’ moments every week to calm your mind? Let me know in the comments below!
  • Meditate. When you meditate you learn how to watch your thoughts instead of reacting to them – something that is very crucial when comparison thoughts pop up. Oh and btw, there are great meditation apps out there like calm and headspace. You can try out both apps for free!
  • Focus on your own progress. You can do this by keeping a ‘proud jar’ for example (buy a cute jar, decorate it and write down five accomplishments every week and put it in the jar), a proud journal or simply by thinking about the things that went well that day, every evening before bedtime.
  • Replace your negative comparison thoughts for positive, motivational thoughts. Not sure how to do that? Check out this blog post!

What do you do when you feel stuck in the endless loop of comparison? Let me and the other BodieBoosters know in the comments below! We’re all in this together. Wouldn’t it be great if your tip can help other girls in our community? Don’t hesitate to share your knowledge! And yes, we all have plenty of knowledge inside of us.

With love,

Your BodieBoost coach,

Elles Ottens

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