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BodieBoost is a successfully proven weight loss method that is easy to keep up with and offers a lot of variety and food choices. It is easy to implement into your everyday life through our subscription service, online courses and app. If you would like to get some extra help during your weight loss journey, you can easily book a session with a BodieBoost coach. Our weight loss method is approved by nutritionists, as well.

BodieBoost doesn’t work with points, calories or other complicated diet rules. All of the foods used in our recipes are available at every supermarket. Therefore, following our method won’t cost you any extra money and you won’t need to search for specialty food items.

BodieBoost is for anybody who wants to continue living their normal life but still wants to lose weight. The goal of BodieBoost is to develop a healthy lifestyle you can keep up with forever. Enjoying desserts and drinking a glass of wine every now and then is part of the plan since it is also a part of your life. BodieBoost makes it easy.  On average, you will lose 1 to 2 pounds per week and 0.2 to 0.4 inches of body fat.

BodieBoost offers weight control support that assists users in their daily life without them needing to give up fun activities or foods they enjoy. BodieBoost makes it easy for you by offering support through our online community of likeminded people.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Willems is a certified weight consultant, the founder of the BodieBoost weight loss method and writer of the BodieBoost bestseller books. At the University of Amsterdam, she studied BSc Communication Sciences and MSc International Business Studies. Charlotte conceived the idea for the BodieBoost weight loss method during her studies and, soon after, tested it and developed it further with the goal of helping and inspiring women to become happy with their bodies.

“The BodieBoost method is based on my own experiences. I tried every diet in the world without any success. Every Monday, I’d start a new diet which resulted in binge eating on Friday. I was the type of person who believed that you would gain weight from bananas! I was very familiar with the yoyo effect of dieting and was weighing myself every day.  At the time, all I thought about was calories, weight, diet, fatness and thinness.

I believe that if you want to lose weight, you have to keep it simple and achievable. But, most importantly, it has to be fun without too much effort and confusion. In my opinion, the strict crash diets, complicated diet rules, calorie counting, point systems and pills and shakes don’t offer a permanent solution – definitely not for the busy lives we all live today.

I decided to develop my own weight loss program…and with success! I lost 15.5 pounds (and 4 inches around my belly) and have been at a stable weight for more than 4 years. For me, the BodieBoost method is a gift from heaven. I remember the day I came up with the BodieBoost method; I needed a lifestyle that I could always keep up with in my daily life without it interfering too much in my social life. It was always so annoying to hear the same question all the time: ‘Are you on a diet?’ Ugh! I hated when people would ask that. Luckily, that’s over since following this program.”

Our achievements (only published in Dutch, except for the BodieBoost App and 12-Week Weight Loss Solution)

  • First BodieBoost book published ‘Slim and fit in the real life where snacking is a must and losing weight gets fun’. It quickly became a bestseller and a big success! – November 2012
  • The second book published: ‘The cookbook’ – November 2013
  • The third book published: ‘The diary’ – November 2013
  • The fourth book published: ‘BikiniBoost’ – May 2014
  • In total, over 30,000 BodieBoost books sold in The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • The new BodieBoost weight loss app (Android) was released in the Google Play Store and, within 1 week, it obtained more than 1,000 downloads! – 2015
  • Launch of BodieBoost iOS App – 2015
  • Launch of the BodieBoost 12-Week Weight Loss Program – May 2018

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