How does it work?

Why BodieBoost?

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    Treats & drinks

    You can have treats and drinks every week, so it's easier to
    not fall back into old and unhealthy eating patterns.

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    We created Food Groups to help you choose your foods. You
    can even substitute foods in the same Food Group.

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    Realistic and achievable

    It is proven that BodieBoost is easier to keep up with than any other diet. You don’t need to count calories.

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    The ingredients in our recipes are easily available and affordable at local
    supermarket/grocery stores.

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    No yo-yo effect

    Your body won’t end up in starvation mode and, therefore, there won’t be any yo-yo effect on your body weight. On average, you will lose 1 to 2 pounds per week and 0.2 to 0.4 inches body fat.

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    Easy to integrate in real life

    You can continue to go out for dinner, parties and holidays. You can still eat together with your family without sacrificing.

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In 10 weeks, I’ve lost 10 pounds. What a gift! There are a lot of food choices which makes the weight loss method easy to keep up with everyday. It’s great that they have many inspirational recipes, too. The dinner ideas are amazing!
Heleen (-4,5 kg)

Who is BodieBoost for ?

The BodieBoost lifestyle works great for everybody because BodieBoosters are not only trying to lose weight, but also go to work, spend time with friends, enjoy holidays, care for their kids, study, etc.! To make a long story short, they live in the real world! The secret behind the BodieBoost weight loss method is that it fits in everybody’s busy schedule while allowing you to achieve your weight loss goals!

What's on the menu?

  • Vegetables
    The vegetables ‘family” contains all of the veggies like carrots, leeks, tomatoes or you name it!
  • Carbs
    Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes are included in the the carbs 'family'. Carbs won’t be forbidden anymore!
  • Dairy
    In the dairy ‘family’ are milk, yoghurt and cheese, among other foods. You get to choose what you want to
  • Fruits
    In the fruit ‘family’, are all kinds of fruits, from dried apricots to fresh apples. Again, you decide what you want to eat!
  • Proteins
    In the protein ‘family’ are a lot of tasty foods for both vegetarians and meat-lovers. There is something tasty for everyone to enjoy!

How does the BodieBoost weight loss method work?

No calories, but families

BodieBoost doesn’t work with points, calories or difficult diet rules. We believe in the 5 food groups (“families”): carbs, vegetables, proteins, dairy and fruit. You can eat 2 servings of each family every day. All of the food in our recipes is available in your local grocery store. Besides eating from the five food groups (twice daily), there are 12 simple rules. One of the most important rules is that you are allowed to have 2 treats and 2 glasses of alcohol per week in order to keep your weight loss journey easy and fun. After all, you only live once!

Fries and chocolate

Thousands of people have successfully followed our method. They’ve lost weight while still eating – from time to time – chocolate, fries etc. With our method, you will never need to count calories – what a relief, right?! By living this healthy lifestyle, you will still be able to go out for dinner, drinks or on holiday. You can eat/drink anything you want as long as you follow the BodieBoost formula.

Freedom & substitutions

Foods belonging to the same family can easily be substituted for each other in a recipe. For example, if you don’t want a banana, you can swap it for an apple. Don’t like milk? Swap it for yoghurt. You have lots of food choices and therefore won’t have any problem keeping up with the method!

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